Mirror, Mirror On the Wall : Home Decor with Mirror

Mirrors are among the most important decorative accessories for any home. They are stylish, functional and timeless hues on your decorating palate. Mirrors reflect more than just a lovely face. They magnify decorative style. Mirrors are available in all the shapes and sizes you are looking for. There are large, ornate framed mirrors that stand alone as works of art. There are mirror that emphasize a minimalist look.

When you choose a mirror, you should consider both functionality and look. The mirror must of course fit the room and the wall space available. They can significantly enhance the beauty of any room by using their light reflection properties. They can add depth to any closed space and focus any beautiful object to create a unique aura. Mirrors can illuminate spaces more brightly and can make even ordinary things look exotic. Mirrors can make rooms more inviting. Every room can be made more attractive by a well-placed mirror. Don’t settle for just any mirror, make a style statement.

Mirror Placing Decorating Tips

The placing of the mirror plays a vital role in changing the look of the room. You consider where the light sources are located when you place a mirror. A mirror across from a window can magnify and enhance the play of light in a room.

  • Large sized, wall-to-wall mirrors can create a special ambience in your room. With ceiling-to-floor spans, you can add depth to your room.
  • Mirrors look stunning at the end of hallways, over a fireplace mantle, in a formal dining area etc.
  • Place a mirror close to some special décor item in your room, like a beautiful wall hanging, an ornate vase or some antique piece. This will create multiple visuals across the room and the item gets extra prominence . This gives a unique appeal.
  • If you place a mirror on both sides of the fireplace, the span of the fireplace increases and all the objects around the room get reflected on it creating a very stimulating environment in the room.
  • Peer mirrors on windows create additional depth and liven up the atmosphere in the room.
  • You can even place small mirrors on cabinet ceilings. This gives better visibility of the upper shelves.
  • If you want to create the skylight effect in your living room, you can fix mirrors on the ceiling of your room and enjoy the delightful ambience.

Mirrors and Feng Shui

Some of the uses of mirrors in feng shui are

  • The mirror brings the feng shui energy of the water element.
  • Mirrors are used to draw in the beneficial Chi.
  • With proper placement, mirrors can shift the flow of Chi in any given space. Mirrors nodoubt have been called the aspirin of feng shui
  • Mirrors bring a sense of refreshment and calm.

Few precautions to observe

  • Always use a framed mirror because it preserves and secures the chi of the reflection.
  • Do not buy poor quality glass for a mirror as it reflects weak chi energy.
  • Keep your mirror always clean as unclean, dusty mirror smudges chi energy.
  • Never place a mirror reflecting a bed as it signifies bad luck and encourages infidelity.
  • Never place a mirror in direct lne with the main front door.
  • Restrict concave and convex mirrors to outside uses.
  • A cracked mirror must be discarded immediately.
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